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Tara Doran

GUA SHA & ROLLER Pure Bian Stone

GUA SHA & ROLLER Pure Bian Stone

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GUA SHA & ROLLER Pure Bian Stone

Experience our luxurious 100% authentic Bian Stone Gua Sha and Roller. Bian Stone boasts over 40 trace elements and minerals therapeutically proven to enhance various skin benefits. Gently massage your face, neck, and décolletage, promoting lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness, leading to a radiant complexion. The Roller can also help smooth skincare products deeper into the skin, boosting their effectiveness while providing a spa-like experience.

Stimulate blood flow to the skin’s surface, which can lead to improved oxygenation and nutrient delivery, resulting in a healthier complexion.

Promotes collagen synthesis, leading to firmer and more elastic skin over time.

Stimulate lymphatic drainage, aiding in removing toxins and reducing facial puffiness.

Reduces muscle tension, enhancing lymphatic flow and improving overall facial symmetry.

Enhance the absorption of active ingredients from your products, making them more effective in addressing specific skin concerns.

Skin Types

Can be enjoyed by all skin types.

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